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Zimbabwe: Black-Owned Business Stock Exchange Project Gathers Speed

Janet Shoko | The Africa Report   in  ยท ยท
January 27, 2015

Plans by the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) to set up a secondary stock exchange for black-owned businesses is gathering pace with the bourse setting a $250 000 minimum share capital threshold for firms.

The alternative market is part of a broader strategy to support the government’s controversial economic empowerment policy.
High potential small and medium enterprises (SMEs) firms are the prime target of the proposed bourse.

ZSE announced the threshold when it unveiled a set of listing requirements titled Zimbabwe Emerging Enterprising Market (ZEEM).

“The applicant must have share capital of at least $250 000 (including reserves but excluding minority interests, and revaluations of assets and intangible assets that are not supported by a valuation by an independent professional expert acceptable to the ZSE prepared within the last six months),” the ZSE said in a statement.


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