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World Aids Day: Kenya Marks 30 Years Since First Case

Daily Nation   in 
December 1, 2014

Today, Kenya joins the rest of the global community in marking the World Aids Day, an occasion for introspection on the successes and challenges that confront humanity in the war against the pandemic.

For Kenya, the day marks 30 years since the first case was diagnosed in the country. Over the years, the country has made significant strides in combating stigma, which was one of the biggest challenges in the early days.

Today, we are confronted by other challenges, including the high number of people living with the condition but who lack access to life-prolonging medication.


Although there have been gains in reducing new infections and cases of mother-to-child transmission, there still remains the grave danger posed by lifestyle choices that continue to predispose many economically active Kenyans to the ailment.


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