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Woman Crush(ing the Patriarchy) Wednesday: Juliana Pache

Raquel Reichard | Latina   in 
February 27, 2016

It’s Black History Month, and this week’s #WCW Juliana Pache is ensuring that Afro-Latinxs are included in the discussions.

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The 24-year-old Afro-Dominican-cubana created the hashtag #BlackLatinxHistory earlier this month, where she’s been celebrating prominent Latinx people and events within the African diaspora. A womanist, Pache’s work around race and ethnicity is also intersectional, focusing on the various experiences and oppressions of Black mujeres specifically.

The New Yorker’s objective is to create safe spaces by and for women of African descent, where intersectionality isn’t a cool badge to wear but something that is practiced, a space where patriarchy can be crushed alongside white supremacy, xenophobia and ableism.

Earlier this month, you started the #BlackLatinxHistory hashtag. Why?

I started the #BlackLatinxHistory hashtag on the first day of Black History Month because I wanted to see myself and my culture represented. I wanted Afro-Latinx stories to be part of the discussion. I wanted to highlight an often-overlooked part of the African diaspora. Although our struggles and achievements might look a little different, we, African descendants, are all part of the same diaspora, so adding our stories in a discussion about Black history is important.

I know that you were prompted to create this hashtag partly because of the lack of Black History Month coverage from Latinx media. In what ways does Latinx media, including Latina, fail you as an Afro-Latina?


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