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Why Zuma Needs to Ditch the Script on Xenophobia

Mathatha Tsedu | News 24   in  ·
April 21, 2015

Anyone who knows President Jacob Zuma even just slightly would know that he is passionate about Africa and its well being. So the ongoing Afrophobic attacks can only bring him heartaches and shame. How does he explain this to his fellow Excellencies?

The decision to address the issue in Parliament, visit the camps of shame where our brothers and sisters are cowering in fear of us, and take time before the ANC NWC to speak about his views, are an indication of ongoing concern and attempts to find solutions.

He doesn’t however seem to be making any impact. And I think it is partly because of how he has gone about it.

When the President is fired about something, he speaks from the heart. We saw snippets of this when he was in full flight last month answering questions about allegations involving his Nkandla home.


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