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Why We Need More African Women in Parliaments…

Carlos Lopes | United Nations Economic Commission for Africa   in 
May 4, 2015

An African woman has been married for 13 years and for every day of those 13 years she worked hard with her husband to cultivate a small piece of land he owned growing vegetables which she then sold in the market. Tragedy struck when her husband died leaving her to fend for their two young daughters. Four days after burying her husband the latter’s family evicted her, taking possession of the land and house and leaving her destitute. With no means of support to reclaim the land or any assets to her name she gave up trying to fight for it. She is now trying to rebuild her life working as a farm labourer. Her elder daughter has stop going to school as they can no longer afford school fees. Worried about being able to provide for her children, she is considering an early marriage for her elder daughter. This may jeopardize the kid’s dream of becoming a teacher. Let us understand why.ย 


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