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Why Trevor Noah’s Rise Is Bigger to SAfricans Than Charlize Theron

Andrea Teagle | Quartz   in  ·
March 31, 2015

On Monday morning, when it was confirmed that Trevor Noah would be the next host of the Daily Show, something shifted in the psyche of the South African entertainment scene.

There was great excitement, of course. But it was more than that. It was a shift in perception of what is possible. The sense that, suddenly, the global stage is not inaccessible. The doors – or, perhaps, the curtain – have been opened to a South African viewpoint. And the world, not just South Africa, is cheering.

“It’s the biggest thing to happen to South Africa’s entertainment scene,” observed John Vlismas, one of the pioneers of South Africa’s comedy scene, “For me, it’s certainly bigger than Charlize Theron.” A remarkable thing to say when you consider, the South African-born Theron has won an Oscar and Golden Globe during her time in Hollywood.


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