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Why Nigerian Software Programmers Abroad Should Think Home

Prince Osuagwu and Laju Iren | Vanguard   in 
April 26, 2015

Nigeria has fared a bit better in technology advancements, particularly in the area of telecommunications. It all started with the deregulation of the telecom sector where the nation’s carrier, NITEL held sway for decades of telecom underdevelopment.

However, by 2001 when the first set of mobile licenses were auctioned, ushering in the Global System for Mobile communications, GSM operators, the stage for revolution and the possible explosion experienced at the moment was set.

A country with over 150 million people yearning to talk to one another in most convenient way without hindrances, it was little wonder why, in less than a decade, the sector leveraged the country to overtake major world powers to become one of the fastest growing telecom economies in the world.


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