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Why I Am Coming to Kenya – Obama…

Oliver Mathenge|The Star   in 
May 14, 2015

US President Barack Obama on Monday spoke of his mission in Nairobi in July, shrugging off criticism that visiting Kenya is “a dumb idea”.

Obama said that the visit to Kenya for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit was critical for the future of millions of young entrepreneurs globally.

Some US commentators have criticised Obama’s choice of Kenya in what is possibly his last trip to Africa before leaving office on January 20, 2017.

He was speaking at the White House during a Global Entrepreneurship event where he reiterated that his goal was to raise $1 billion (Sh96.5 billion) in new investments by 2017.

“And this summer, I’ll travel to Kenya. While I’m there, I’ll participate – all right, yo, Habari! And so we’re going to participate in the Sixth Global Entrepreneurship Summit. And I’ll have the opportunity to meet some of the brilliant young entrepreneurs from across Africa and around the world.”


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