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Why Has Woody Allen’s Career Survived and Bill Cosby’s Has Not?

Stephanie Merry | The Washington Post   in 
January 14, 2015

Amazon announced today that Woody Allen will write and direct a series for the company. Two months ago, Netflix announced it would no longer air Bill Cosby’s comedy special; he also saw NBC scuttle discussions for a new sitcom.

So: We have two septuagenarian comedy icons, one white and one black, both recently mired in accusations about long-ago sex crimes. . . but one is rewarded with an exciting new gig, while the other is having his career annihilated.

Is it fair? Ultimately we’re talking about big corporations deciding which entertainers are capable of turning a profit for them. “Fair” is probably beside the point.

But why is one entertainer surviving a sex scandal while the other is not? Let’s try to break this down.


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