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Why Ghanaian ‘African-Wear’ Is Trending Seriously

Ghana Web   in 
April 23, 2015

When was the last time you wore a dress/cloth made in Ghana? If you are in Ghana, chances are that at least once a week, you wear a dress made in Ghana, either on Sunday or on Friday!

Cloth or dress sewn in Ghana is perhaps, the one local product that every Ghanaian is proud to be associated with. Call it African-wear, but these are purely styles sewn in Ghana by Ghanaians. I wonder why we call them African-wear, but the use of these exquisite locally made colourful clothes surpass fashion circles.

It is amazing to see business executives elegantly wear their Ghanaian styles in beautiful styles even in the conventional and formal corporate sphere. While the origination of the term ‘African wear’ is still not clear, in Ghana it refers to any attire sewn from African fabric (regardless of style).

Thanks to Ghana’s versatile fashion designers and artisans, there are now bags, shoes, belts, hats and purses all made in Ghana from Ghanaian/African fabric. Be it Woodin, Daviva, GTP, ATL or Batique, Ghanaian designers are able to come up with nice designs that showcase African creativity.


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