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Why Diasporas Are Emerging Markets’ Top Assets

Martin Pasquier | VENTUREBURN   in 
October 6, 2014

Our world is on the move, as more and more people are qualified as migrants by statistical organizations. And it’s growing fast. In 1990, there were 154 million migrants, versus 232 millions in 2004.

How does this impact or serve the development of tech ecosystems in the emerging markets? Well, quite well, and stories from Iran, Lebanon and Nigeria will make it a bit more real.

Iran: when top engineers look back to the home country

The story of engineering in Iran is both an amazing and sad one. The country has historically been the home for a lot of scientific improvements, when it was still named Persia. Their contribution in medicine and mathematics are the best known, and they can be credited with the inventions of the wind-power machine as well as the first distillation of alcohol.

Today again, after the war with Iraq and a long insulation from the world community forced them to design their own defence industry, they boast a very high enrollment of students in university, and are reknowned engineers. Last year, the PhD in electrical engineering at Stanford accepted 18 candidates from Iran… on a total of 21!


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