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Why Africa Fashion Week N.Y. Means More Than Fashion

Onyedimmakachukwu | VENTURES AFRICA   in  ·
September 7, 2014

VENTURES AFRICA – Of course this year’s Africa Fashion Week New York will be dominated as usual by alluring fashion designs, embroidered by glitzy settings and choreographed by modish models elegantly strutting runways to the oohs and ahhs of fashionistas. But that won’t be all for which this annual showpiece event will be remarked.

AFWNY has indeed gone beyond fashion and its glamour pages; the show in no little way signifies the emergence of Africa in the global scheme of things, a desire to no longer be a passive spectator but an active player in the world’s top league of innovators and producers.

Founded in 2009 by PR extraordinaire Adiat Disu through her PR firm Adirée, Africa Fashion Week has become a renowned platform celebrating and showcasing Africa’s brightest designers and their enthralling designs across the world’s fashion capitals of New York, London, Paris, Milan, Berlin, Tokyo and Los Angeles.


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