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Whites Form Human Shield to Protect Black Protesters from Police in SA

Eur Web   in 
October 22, 2015

*A group of white students in South Africa formed a human shield to protect black student demonstrators from police officers that had previously used force against the predominantly black crowd protesting rising university fees.

According to, protests under the #FeesMustFall movement are intensifying across the country as students continue their demand for no increase in college fees.

Police had used force on Monday afternoon, when students from Rhodes University went to support their peers at the Eastcape Midlands College (EMC), according to Rhodes’ independent publication, Activate.
Activate reported: “Rhodes students united with the EMC protestors with the hopes of discouraging use of unnecessary force by the police. According to an eyewitness, tensions rose when protestors were chanting at the police to leave, and the police responded by driving towards the crowd in an attempt to disperse the protestors.”


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