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What’s the Game Plan for the Summit

Linda Thomas-Greenfield |   in  ·
July 31, 2014

One concern we’ve heard from leaders in Africa, which I know you’ve heard as well, is what is being done to insure that they will be able to communicate their views and address their questions to President Obama. How will that happen?

That’s a question we keep trying to answer. The heads-of-state summit with the president is on 6 August, here at the State Department. The president will be spending the entire day with heads of state here. We will be focusing in three sessions: investing in Africa’s future, which will cover trade and investment; development, peace and regional stability; and governing for the next generation.

Each of those sessions will be a dialogue that will be moderated by the president, and we are looking to hear the views of African leaders. The president has indicated that he really wants a dialogue. So, heads of state will not be expected to deliver long plenary speeches. We’ve asked for all of their national statements to be sent to us in writing. We’ve gotten some and will be sharing those across the board. But the sessions will be dialogue between heads of state and the president.


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