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What Most Africans Use Cell Phones for May Surprise You…

Dana Sanchez | AFK Insider   in  ·
April 22, 2015

Just one in five Africans use their mobile phones to access social media but four out of five use them to send text messages, and more than half use them to take photos, according to a survey of seven African countries, PCTechMag reports.
A new study by the Pew Research Centre was based on 7,052 face-to-face interviews in seven sub-Saharan African nations with adults 18 and older. Mobile phone users were also interviewed in the U.S.
Responses in Africa showed that despite companies scrambling to push out their content onto social media platforms in Africa, just 19 percent of Africans surveyed access social networking sites through their devices, according to PCTEchMag.


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