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West Africans Want to Remind You They Are Human, Not a Virus

Eleanor Goldberg | Huffington Post   in 
October 24, 2014

More than 4,500 people have died from Ebola, but people from West Africa say that some of the biggest threats they face have nothing to do with the epidemic, but rather the widespread stigma they encounter daily.

Children who have been orphaned by the disease often have nowhere to go. People who have survived the virus, and are now immune, are being shunned. Kids from affected communities who live in America are being bullied and children who are from African countries that haven’t been touched by the virus are getting pulled out of school.

To combat the widespread panic and destructive stigmatization, three advocates have launched a campaign that aims to humanize people from West Africa.

Participants are taking to social media and are holding signs that read: “I am Liberian Not a Virus”


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