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Vintage Cars Prime Attraction for Cuba Travel

Pondi Road | Jamaica Observer   in  ·
April 8, 2015

The last time I was in Cuba was 35 years ago when I attended a one-week educational summer camp for kids. In retrospect, it was probably a propaganda camp, but honestly, at 14 what did I care? I got to be away from parental control for a while and got to play with 50 other kids my own age. At that time, Jamaica was still flirting too dangerously close to communism for the comfort of the USA and we were in the midst of the global geopolitical power play between the then USSR and America. It was a controversial time but it was also an intellectually and culturally prolific time. In the end, the American way of life prevailed. Cuba in some ways represents our alternate history.

When Obama announced a few months ago that he was actively seeking to thaw the Cold War relationship between the USA and Cuba, I decided it was probably a good time to check it out again before Havana became like Miami. I messaged a trust fund friend (read: always has time and money!) Zoran from Macedonia, whom I knew from my London party days and who happened to be travelling in this hemisphere, and asked him if he was game to go explore Cuba. He said yes and we agreed to meet in Havana. And so I called Pauline’s Travel to arrange the flights, visa, insurance (yes, you need insurance!) and hotels and it seems like the whole world had the same idea — all of the major hotels in Havana were suddenly solidly booked and have remained so even up until today. Los Americanos estan llegando! Gracias Dios for las casas particulares!


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