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Under 30 and in Charge

Joan Thatiah, Daily Reporter   in  ·
April 28, 2015

Wanjiku lives by a saying that her father drummed into her and her three siblings during their childhood years in Buruburu, Nairobi. She grew up believing that anything can be done, an attitude that has seen her build a successful corporate events planning agency.

“At first, I imagined that being young would be a hurdle in my quest to build a business but it has been a great asset. Because I was young, I could afford to take the risk of starting a business. It also helped that many organisations believed that our young team could bring freshness to their events,” she says.

The idea of Waridi Events was sown in a University of Nairobi hostel room eight years ago. While final year students were planning for job searches, Wanjiku, who studied actuarial science, was dreaming of owning a business and drawing up business plans.

“I had seen a need for a platform for brides and grooms to access wedding planning information in Kenya. Upon graduation, I set up a website that was a directory and an information hub,” she recalls.


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