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Uganda Is Turning into a Sports Hub

James Bakama | New Vision   in 
April 28, 2015

Is Uganda becoming a sports hub? There are all signs that the answer here is in the affirmative.

Uganda has not only won bids, but also gone on to host over 10 international competitions over the past two years.

Last year alone we staged the World University Cross-country and the Africa Cross-country Championships.

You are not allowed to stage such huge events if you do not have well proven capacity.

We have also just successfully hosted the Africa Zone Six Golf Championships. Then, there was also the Africa Zone 4.2 Chess Championship that ended on Saturday. The numbers have fast grown to an extent that the All Africa Games volleyball qualifiers almost passed unnoticed in Kampala last week.

The biggest of all these events in Uganda will come in 2017 when we host the World Cross-country. In order to win hosting rights, you should be able to meet some standards.


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