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Travel Tips: Why It’s Good to Ditch the Social Media on Vacation

Ben Groundwater | TRAVELLER   in 
October 10, 2014

A few months ago, on a trip to Sicily, I made a decision: no more social media. No Facebook, no Twitter, no Instagram, no blogs.

I would go social-media-free for one week, getting back to the essence of travel, eschewing the urge to share things in favour of actually doing things. I deleted the Twitter app from my phone. I made a mental pact to ignore Facebook and Instagram. I got my blogs written in advance.

And off I went into a sharing- and like-free world.

It was a wonderful, liberating experience that lasted about an hour and a half. After that time I’d taken a beautiful photo of Taormina and really wanted to put it up on the ‘Gram. So I did. And then I checked back to see if it had got any likes. And then I was hooked again.


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