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Travel: 5 Top Nightlife Destinations in Africa

March 10, 2014

By Nathaniel Simons, The Africa Channel

When you think of traveling to an African destination, what comes to mind? If you’re like most people, you picture trekking across rough terrain in a jeep, surrounded by the likes of lions, cheetahs and elephants. We’re all familiar with safaris, but there’s more to Africa than just that.

Africans love music, and if you’re interested in experiencing the best nightlife Africa has to offer, we think you’ll be satisfied with these top destinations:

  1. Club 31 (pictured above)- Cape Town, South Africa: From live music to theatre, Cape Town has a little something for every night owl. Club 31, one of Cape Town’s best, takes you sky high in a skyscraper to the 31st floor of a business building… but there’s no business going on here aside from the breathtaking views that overlook the South African Winelands, the ocean, and even Table Mountain. And those are just the sights; Club 31 also features an eclectic array of music, including top 40 jams, R&B and the most popular Afro-pop.
  2. Coconuts- Maputo, Mozambique: Just about 75 miles away from the South African border lies Maputo, and the city is coming into its own as a destination hotspot. The famous Coconuts Club typically caters to a more upscale crowd and gets lively just after midnight. It features a massive center dance floor and three large video screens. If you’re into hip-life music, this might be the best club for you.
  3. Nite Shift Coliseum- Lagos, Nigeria: As another one of Africa’s biggest cities, Lagos can easily overwhelm you with its options. But the Nite Shift Coliseum probably has the best reputation in Lagos for its emphasis on safety, ambiance and entertainment. Nite Shift often brings in the best music artists and performers and doesn’t stop until 6 a.m.!
  4. The Simba Saloon at Carnivore- Nairobi, Kenya: Like the majority of Nairobi’s nightclubs, The Simba Saloon is located in the suburbs of the city, but it stands out for more reasons than its unique name. Next door to the legendary Carnivore restaurant, The Simba Saloon is well known across Kenya for featuring the most popular DJs and a mix of contemporary African music, rock, soul, and jazz. The club also attracts some of the world’s most recognized talent. Past performers include Salif Keita, Sean Paul and Shaggy.
  5. Le Privilege- Lome, Togo: You may not be familiar with the coastal city of Lome, but if you find yourself in West Africa and you’re ready for a good time, look no further than Le Privilege. It’s the largest nightclub in Togo and features three dance floors, two game rooms and a pool.

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