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Transgender Activists in Kenya File Suit for Separate Status

Vincent Agoya | Daily Nation   in  · ·
October 29, 2014

The father of an intersex child and a transgender activist have filed a suit at the High Court in Nairobi seeking to be delinked from proceedings that have lumped them together with gays and lesbians.

In the petition, they say that as a result of being classified together with lesbians, gays and bisexuals who recently moved to court seeking legal recognition, they “have unfairly suffered and continue to suffer societal prejudices associated with sexual orientation” while theirs is a medical condition called “gender identity disorder.”

“The continued classification of lesbianism, gays and bisexuals together with transgender and intersex in these proceedings has created and continues to create an impression in the minds of the public that they are one and the same persons, which is to the detriment of the transgender and intersex persons,” the suit papers say.


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