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Top 5 Travel Resolutions for the Rugged Traveller

Lilian Gaitho | Ventures Africa   in  ·
January 16, 2015

New Year’s resolutions are a global phenomenon, we all believe in the power of a fresh new start yet our motivation barely keeps that peak throughout the year. Richard Wiseman, researcher at the University of Hertfordshire (UK) reveals that more than 78 percent of New Year Resolutions merely go past the first quarter of the year. A study reveals that among all New Year resolutions; giving up smoking was found to be the hardest, followed by losing weight and staying fit. Surprisingly, travelling did not appear anywhere!

This could be because, unlike personal habits, travel is an experience that you can’t take on or opt out on the whim of the New Year hype. As Jovago, Africa’s leading Online Hotel Booking site clarifies; the resolution to travel more is a process that calls for more than a one-night quirky decision. Follow these 5 steps to have a more adventurous and a travel-rich year and make sure that travelling does not count among your failed resolutions of 2015.


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