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To Slow Ebola, Sierra Leone Imposes 3-Day Shutdown

Awareness Times Staff   in  ·
March 19, 2015

On March 18th 2015, as Dr. Margaret Chan, the World Health Organization Director General praised Sierra Leone for “making tremendous progress” from dismal state of Ebola virus infections of Year 2014, she also warned that “The virus is a very tricky virus” as she urged for vigilance to be maintained.

Chan was speaking to journalists yesterday March 18th 2015 at a press conference in Middle East. She expressed hope that the outbreak will soon be over.

“I hope it will be soon but the important point is: be vigilant, stay on course and do not let the virus trick us again,” she told newsmen.

Meanwhile, here in Sierra Leone the National Ebola Response Center (NERC) has told journalists that another three-days nation-wide shutdown will be conducted from March 27th to 29th. The exercise will be a repeat of the one that was done in September last year and according to the NERC CEO Major (rtd) Palo Conteh, the government and its partners are hopeful the shutdown will bring out latent cases that are not being reported or recorded.


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