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The Top 10 Most Tourism-Ready African Economies…

Nye Longman | African Business Review   in 
June 12, 2015

As is sometimes the case, an African country will become more popular to tourists while one of its neighbours are in a state of decline.

Here are the Top 10 most competitive African Travel and Tourism Economies

10. Swaziland (Global Ranking 108)

Swaziland became an attractive tourism destination in Southern Africa during South Africa’s apartheid era. The country sees tourism as a major driver of growth in its economy, which it has recognised over the years by legalising gambling and by signing the Lubombo Route agreement which makes it possible to travel between Swaziland, Mozambique and South Africa on a single VISA.

9. Zambia (Global Ranking 107)

Part of the world-famous Victoria Falls lies within Zambian territory and it was when Robert Mugabe came to power in Zimbabwe that this side of the river suddenly become more attractive.


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