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The Stars of Girlhood: ‘Our Poster Is All Over Paris…’

The Guardian   in 
April 28, 2015

The first time you see them, they come charging at you like colossi – armoured up in shoulder pads and helmets for a game of American football. The next time, they might have stepped off a Harlem street corner in 1961, in leather jackets, jeans and long silky hair, looking like the Ronettes’ harder sisters. Then they’re clubland vamps, dancing to Rihanna in slinky cocktail dresses so freshly shoplifted they still have their security tags. Or just in cornrows and tracksuit pants…

The young heroines of Girlhood are perplexing shape-shifters, defying any attempts to read this new French film as a straightforward social document. If you want to know just how black teenage girls look and behave in the Paris banlieue estates these days, then Girlhood effectively says: “All of the above and none of them.”


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