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The Face of Terror: Westgate Attackers Unmasked

Mugumo Munene | DAILY NATION   in 
September 24, 2014

The faces of the four men who shocked the world by butchering dozens of innocent people at Westgate Shopping Mall a year ago can now be revealed.

The Sunday Nation has gained exclusive access to the report of the most comprehensive investigation yet into the attack that details the elaborate planning the terrorists engaged in before performing one of the most heinous assaults witnessed on Kenyan soil, with the aid of a network of collaborators in both Kenya and Somalia.

The report by analysts from the African Mission in Somalia (Amisom) reveals the terrorists to have been between 19 and 23 years old and finds that they enjoyed the support of a network of planners that can be traced right to the top of Al-Shabaab chain of command.


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