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The Definitive Guide to Maputo, Mozambique

Travis Levius | The Daily Meal   in 
May 15, 2015

For many travelers heading to Mozambique, it’s customary to bypass the capital city of Maputo en route to the popular, photogenic beaches of the North. Resist this. Should you skip visiting, you might miss out on one of Africa’s most unique, friendly, and (ruggedly) charming cities.

Located along the southern Mozambique coastline, Maputo is a lively seaport city near the South African and Swaziland borders. It’s blessed with year-round balmy weather, lengthy stretches of beach, and incredible seafood — the cultural mainstay of Mozambican cuisine. Maputo’s Portuguese heritage and Art Deco splendor compares more to the classic charm of Havana, Cuba; or the vibrant, afro-Brazilian region of the Bahia than its urban African contemporaries. For a city once in tatters during a bloody 15-year civil war — a fact that provides context to the sometimes unsightly conditions of its urban landscape — Maputo has dramatically reshaped itself as a safe and welcoming city for visitors of all backgrounds.


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