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Tech Talk with Confidence Tawo…

Confidence Tawo | Bella Naija   in 
May 23, 2015

“Were are you!” That was the comment my friend and I saw on Facebook that sparked a passionate conversation about how so many people face difficulty when writing English. The steep decline in written English skills, especially among young people, is appalling. I’ve noticed that many people hide their spelling woes under the pretext of addiction to short-form spelling. However, that is not the focus of this article, so I’d leave the topic of whether or not texting is harming our writing skills, for one of Atoke’s Monday Morning Banters .

That aside, let’s be honest, even the best of us occasionally make silly grammatical errors in corporate emails, tweets, Facebook posts, etc. Today, I’ll be introducing you to Grammarly, a brilliant web application I discovered and I’m currently using; because, unlike Beyonce, I’m not flawless, especially not with a language that’s not my native tongue. So, once in a while, Grammarly saves me some embarrassment with it’s amazing on-the-fly spelling and grammar checker.


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