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Te-Nehisi Elevates Race Convo in Twitter Class

Hudson Hongo | Gawker   in  ·
January 5, 2015

On Tuesday, The Atlantic‘s Ta-Nehisi Coates illuminated one of the key disadvantages of the white public intellectual: “You can live in the world of myth and be taken seriously.”

This week, Andrew “Just Asking Questions” Sullivan responded to Coates’ recent refresher onThe New Republic‘s troubling history of racism by doubling down on the racial pseudosciencehe published as editor of TNR, suggesting, among other things, that as a liberal publication, the magazine couldn’t be racist.

Having previously addressed Sullivan’s defenses at length, Coates took to Twitter to instead explore why bigots like former TNR owner Marty Peretz are able to publicly entertain juvenile race myths—the kind Coates gave up as a teenager:


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