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Takun J Stirs the Liberian Streets with Calls for Justice and Accountability

Brooks Marmon| Africa is a Country   in  ·
June 26, 2015

Takun J, currently the most popular musician in Liberia, bounds on to the stage at his downtown Monrovia nightspot, 146, on a recent Friday night. Brimming with energy and sporting camouflage pants and a matching green hoodie and bandana, he announces, “Since I dropped ‘They Lie to Us’, I’m not secure… It’s very deep, it’s getting personal.  But to my fans and friends who are here tonight, I want to tell you I am not deterred.”

Emerging on the Liberian music scene a decade ago, Takun (Jonathan Koffa) has become known as the ‘Hip Co King’ (Hip co is Liberia’s leading urban music which blends hip hop with Liberian English). After being targeted early in his career by the authorities following the release of ‘Police Man’, a track that explored corrupt law enforcement officials, the government began to recognize the power of Takun’s music. In 2013, following substantial local buzz created by work with New York based edutainment non-profit PCI Media Impact, he was named the Government of Liberia’s Gender Based Violence Reduction Ambassador and in the months prior to the escalation of the Ebola crisis, he was touring the country as a UNICEF spokesperson for a children’s protection campaign.





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