Neighborhood Roots


[2x30'] We tag along with a city local as they explore the African influences in their North American city to see the various ways Africa and the diaspora have influenced the culture and daily life.

  • S01 E01
    New Orleans
    New Orleans is known for many things, including jazz, beignets, architecture and, let’s face it, throwing great parties. Big cities are made up of many small neighborhoods that have their own history and tradition, and in this episode we explore the deep African and Haitian roots in New Orleans through its people, buildings, traditions and food.
  • S01 E02
    Toronto’s rich history of Caribbean settlers and ex-slaves from America make it unique amongst large North America cities. Exploring neighborhoods that have their own history and traditions, in this episode Torontonian Kike Ojo explores the African and Caribbean roots through people, traditions and food.