30 Minute Tour


[15x30'] Get a quick 30-minute inside look at a specific country, city, or theme with speed and local insights.

  • S01 E01
    South Africa
    We check out some of Joburg’s off-the-beaten-path spots to kick up your heels and rest for the night (Sandton Hotel), get nourishment and toast to a long day's touring (Sophiatown), and then just full-on relax at one of South Africa's favorite beaches, Jeffreys Bay.
  • S01 E02
    Check out some of Ghana’s spots that are known to locals, but may not be to you. They include great places to relax (the quirky Aqua Safari), a 500-year-old village on stilts (literally), as well as checking out a Sunday Accra tradition that may not be in your usual tour guides – street boxing.
  • S01 E09
    Uganda (Adventures)
    This special edition of our unique tour takes you on an excursion of high-adrenaline adventure, scenic exploration, and captivating wildlife, all within the lush and vibrant boundaries of Uganda.