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Sweet Business

Lucy Kassa | Addis Fortune   in  ·
April 23, 2015

The market of Gojam Berenda, which is located within the biggest market place, Merkato, is well known for its varied supply of honey and butter. The usual way of supplying and retailing honey was until recently, done through farmers who came from long distances, especially rural cities, carrying honey in large sacks. However, recently, the manner in which honey is supplied and sold is changing with the coming of a norm in which the honeycombs are packaged in plastic.

Habtamu Eyasu is one of the wholesalers and retailers at Gojam Berenda. He has been in the business of honey for the last 30 years with his business address in Addis Ababa. He said that the trend of selling honey with the plastic packaging has come recently due to the ease with which it can be done. The previous way of retailing honey had disadvantages in terms of usage and sanitation.

“The changing economic stance and life style of people has forced us to pack our honey products in an easier and simpler way,” Habtamu explained.

Zelalem Taddele is the owner of Taddele Temesgen Honey and Butter Wholesaler and Retailer in the Meskel Flower area. His shop carries honey in different kinds of packages at different weights such as half kilo, one kilo, one and half killo and 10 kilos. Sometimes the customers themselves may even order the honey packages in larger sizes.

But a few years ago, Taddele used to sell wholesale and retail honey without packing it.


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