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Stunned: South Africa’s ‘Prime Evil’ Walks After 20 Years

News24   in  · ·
January 30, 2015

Cape Town – One of the apartheid regime’s most notorious killers, former Vlakplaas commander Eugene de Kock, was granted parole on Friday.

The announcement came a day after De Kock, who is serving two life sentences for six murders, plus 212 years for other crimes, turns 66.

Dubbed “Prime Evil” by the media, De Kock has spent over two decades behind bars, following his arrest in 1994 and his conviction two years later in the Pretoria High Court.

In 1997/98, De Kock’s testimony before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission on activities at the farm Vlakplaas shocked South Africans with its graphic, and previously largely unknown, details of the kidnapping, torture and murder of anti-apartheid activists.


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