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Street Style Craze Promises Fame for Hip Young Egyptian Men

Patrick Kingsley | Guardian   in  · ·
March 19, 2015

Ahmed Zalata isn’t a model, but he’s acting like he wants to be one. On a hill above the minarets of old Cairo, in one of the city’s only parks, a photographer snaps him posing in Ray-Ban sunglasses, ripped jeans and a patterned hipster’s jumper.

It’s a common, if odd, sight in Egypt these days. Stroll through one of Cairo’s very few green spaces at the weekend, and more often than not you’ll meet a gaggle of well-coiffed young men, photographing each other with expensive long-lens cameras.

“Everyone is doing it,” says Zalata, a 20-year-old business student, who is being photographed alongside two friends. “A lot of guys are buying cameras now for this reason.”

Zalata’s photographer, 19-year-old Mohamed Effat, agrees: “People see it as the easiest way to become famous.”…


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