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Story of a Ugandan Athlete-Turned-Entrepreneur

Dana Sanchez | AFK Insider   in  · ·
February 16, 2015

Sharif Kakooza, 22, came to the U.S. alone at age 17 to compete as a professional in the 2010 Miami International Triathlon, and he stayed, becoming part of the African diaspora.

Five years later, Sharif is a clothing model, has appeared in a LeBron James Nike commercial, and has started his own brand of athletic clothing. He enrolled in Miami Dade Community College a year ago, studying English and math. He’s wants to be a business major.
People helped Sharif, but they say it took more than ordinary skills and determination to pull off what Sharif pulled off. It’s the work of an Iron man-like determination, plus a whole lot of charisma.


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