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Spookiest Places in South Africa

Traveller24   in  ·
November 12, 2014

Victoria hotel, Pretoria: This hotel boasts a number of spooky guests, of which Alfie is probably the most famous and mischievous. He loves turning on the taps and then turning them off the moment you want to bath and causing chaos in the kitchen.

The Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town: With a long history of cruelty, slavery, imprisonment and torture, the Castle of Good Hope is overrun with all sorts of apparitions. The ghost of Governor van Noodt who was found dead with a look of horror on his face after performing a particularly cruel execution is one of the most famous. No cause of death was ever found.

Khayalami hospital, Kempton Park: While not exactly haunted, this massive white elephant – which is said to cost taxpayers thousands of rand a year – next to the road in Kempton Park has a ghostly air about it, as operating tables, surgery equipment and long-forgotten medical records stand around gathering dust.


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