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Spanish Nurse with Ebola Makes Progress

AP | NBC News   in 
October 13, 2014

Spain’s Ebola patient showed some marginal signs of recovery Sunday but European infectious diseases experts found shortcomings that need fixing in the Madrid hospital designated to deal with Ebola cases, officials said Sunday. Assistant nurse Teresa Romero, who was infected with the Ebola in a Madrid hospital after having contact with two Spanish missionaries who later died from the virus, is showing signs of “slight improvement,” a government statement said. But the statement also said that Romero’s prognosis remains serious and further complications can’t be ruled out.

The statement added that a committee from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control who visited Madrid’s Carlos III hospital concluded that it wasn’t suitable to meet emergencies such as an Ebola outbreak. Fernando Simon, the Health Ministry’s coordinator of emergency alerts, said one sign for optimism was that “the virus load” in Romero’s bloodstream was decreasing.


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