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South Africa, Kenya, Senegal in Top 10 World’s Most Inspiring Cities

Traveller24   in  ·
November 20, 2014

Cape Town – How do you measure the true worth of a city and its ability to not only inspire its local residents but also the people that visit it?

For the second year in a row, the Good City’s Index seems to have collated an all-inclusive list of metrics that poignantly defines the inspiration factor of 50 of the world’s cities.

On its website, the organisers state the list is “a celebration of the 50 cities around the world that best capture the elusive quality of possibility”, warning that as you wade through this year’s index you will notice trends, quirks, contradictions, and a few surprises.

But the overriding quality it aims to make apparent is inspiration, as it encapsulates the “ethos of citizens creatively engaging with their surroundings with the expectation that, with a little work, things can get better”.


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