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Sierra Leone Imposes Two-Week Ebola Lockdown

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December 16, 2014

A two-week quarantine has begun in an eastern district of Sierra Leone following a hike in Ebola cases. The president has called for a stop to traditional practices which could be spreading the virus.

Authorities in Sierra Leone have imposed a two-week lockdown in the eastern district of Kono after health workers uncovered a surge in Ebola infections. The virus was thought to be largely under control in the area.

As part of the lockdown, only essential vehicles are to be allowed in and out of the district and a night-time curfew is also to be introduced.

Due to its shortage of treatment centers and lack of trained staff, Sierra Leone has now overtaken Liberia as the worst Ebola-affected nation. The United Nations and Red Cross are setting up a treatment center in the remote area of Kono which only has one ambulance to transport the sick and take blood tests for sampling.


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