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Ultimate Braai Master

The Amazing Race meets Hell’s Kitchen in Africa’s toughest barbecue cooking competition show pitting 15 teams of two contestants each against ruthless judges and each other as they embark on an epic culinary road trip to claim huge prizes and the crowning title; The Ultimate Braai Master.

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Season 4
  • Season 4 | Episode 1 
    Start Your Engines
    This season is sure to be the most challenging yet as Justin & the judges have new twists & surprises in store for the contestants. The fifteen new teams start their journey with the first challenge in the desolate Karoo.
  • Season 4 | Episode 2 
    Crew Challenge
    After one team remains without a crew, they select the team that they face in the Elimination. Then, the contestants work together in the first Crew Challenge where they must Braai (BBQ) a royal menu with limited ingredients.
  • Season 4 | Episode 3 
    Xosha Billage
    The teams travel to Hole in the Wall on the Wild Coast. They spend the night in a traditional Xosha village. After the Elimination challenge amongst the members of the bottom Crew the remaining teams must then face off in a difficult seafood challenge.
  • Season 4 | Episode 4 
    Seafood Challenge
    The bottom teams from the seafood challenge compete to avoid elimination. The next day, the remaining Crew captains compete against each other in a Crew Challenge in the Transkei. The losing captain sends their entire crew into Elimination!v
  • Season 4 | Episode 5 
    The Oyster Box
    Ten teams remain as they travel to Rocky Bay in Kwa-Zulu Natal where the Yellow Crew compete against each other for a night at Durban’s famed Oyster Box. The next day, two crews face each other on a deep-sea fishing adventure.
  • Season 4 | Episode 6 
    The Winter Menu
    The teams travel inland to the rolling hills of the Drakensberg Mountains. The Elimination Challenge has two teams Braai (BBQ) boerie rolls & burgers for some young VIPs, followed by the remaining teams competing in a five-hour hearty winter menu challenge.
  • Season 4 | Episode 7 
    Game Time
    The Zululand Ithala Game Reserve is host to the next elimination challenge & two-part Crew Challenge the next day. Teams must focus on game preparation and work with venison marinades; a notoriously challenging meat to prepare on open flame.
  • Season 4 | Episode 8 
    Blyde River Canyon
    Tensions are high as the remaining eight teams travel to the Blyde River Canyon. A favorite team ends up in the elimination challenge, but the teams move on to a four-course Crew Challenge where it becomes important for the captains to lead & delegate.
  • Season 4 | Episode 9 
    Defeated Undefeated
    The remaining teams must Braai (BBQ) a traditional Venda menu in the Tshipise Forever Resort near Musina in prime Boabab country. An undefeated favorite heads to the Elimination Challenge, as the teams realize everyone’s preparing to win the title.
  • Season 4 | Episode 10 
    Forward March
    As they travel to a cooler climate, Loskop Dam Forever Resort in Mpumalanga, the remaining teams prepare to serve a five-star menu of breakfast, lunch or dinner to a group of very special guests & compete in the first Fast Forward challenge of the season.
  • Season 4 | Episode 12 
    Shisa Kuama
    The remaining five teams head into the urban jungle of Johannesburg where they are tasked with creating the Shisa Kuama menu in the township home of Judge Petrus Madutlela for the Judge & his family.
  • Season 4 | Episode 13 
    Herbs and Spices - Finale
    The final teams compete for the title and prizes and the chance to compete at the World Food Championships in Florida, courtesy of Robertson’s Herbs and Spices. The final two teams compete in an impressive final challenge.
Season 5
  • Season 5 | Episode 1 
    Cape St. Francis
    The teams begin the season on a canal cruise at the Cape St Francis resort. The next day, teams must utilize the Game Store for the ingredients for their first challenge. The top three teams become Crew Captains & choose their crews.
  • Season 5 | Episode 2 
    High Tea
    The teams make their way to Talhado Children’s Haven to give back to their host communities. Two teams compete in the first Elimination Challenge of the season: a Shesa Nyama style cook & the remaining teams must prepare high tea for the Crew Challenge.
  • Season 5 | Episode 3 
    Boschrang Game Lodge
    The Boschrang Game Lodge is host to the third leg of the competition. After a grueling elimination challenge, the teams must compete in The Amalunchbox Challenge preparing large potjies at the Windburg Primary School.
  • Season 5 | Episode 4 
    One-Pan Breakfast
    The next elimination finds two bottom teams preparing a one pan challenge for breakfast. The Crew Captains compete in The Incredible Pap Challenge.
  • Season 5 | Episode 5 
    Bush Walk
    The teams enjoy a guided bush walk & target shooting before their second set of Challenges at the Lindbergh Lodge. Crews must compete in a Colonial Silver Service challenge where each crew is responsible for either a breakfast, lunch or dinner menu.
  • Season 5 | Episode 6 
    Burger Trio
    Traveling to the Alpine Health Resort, the bottom crew competes in an elimination challenge. Crews must prepare a trio of burgers for the judges. The winning two burgers will win the opportunity to compete head-to- head in a reward challenge.
  • Season 5 | Episode 7 
    The elimination challenge of spitting a whole lamb comes when the teams arrive back at the Lesati Game Lodge. One team is eliminated as the remaining teams prepare for their Crew Challenge: butchering & preparing half a Springbok.
  • Season 5 | Episode 8 
    The Golden Tongs
    On the eighth leg of the trip, the teams embark on a more traditional game hunt before the next Elimination challenge. The six remaining teams compete to win the Golden Tongs, which can be used to save themselves or someone else in the next two rounds.
  • Season 5 | Episode 9 
    Boats, Beaches, and Paella
    The teams make their way to Wavecrest Hotel & Spa on the Wild Coast from their many inland destinations. With a sunrise boat cruise and time on the beach, they get to relax before their next set of challenges: A fierce seafood paella & sous vide test.
  • Season 5 | Episode 10 
    Bushpig Challenge
    With five teams remaining, they head to the Transkei coastline. They have to prepare pub snack platters for hundreds of guests at the Bushpig in a service challenge before the contestants up for Elimination are sent to East London for ingredients.
  • Season 5 | Episode 11 
    Pay It Forward
    Before their challenges, the teams spend the day at a Mzomthle Pre-School giving it a complete makeover in a touching Pay it Forward. In the next Challenge a team stands a chance to win a Fast Forward to the finale.
  • Season 5 | Episode 12 
    Mystery Box
    Teams make their way north to the Mboyti River Lodge for the penultimate Chefs table challenge before the big finale. They must prepare three courses for five judges. Two teams compete in a final Mystery Box Elimination Challenge.
  • Season 5 | Episode 13 
    The Final Course - Finale
    After six weeks on the road the final teams advance to the Grand Finale. The final night is spent around the campfire, before the Challenge: splitting a whole lamb Argentinian-style under the pressure of some severe weather conditions.