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Wednesday – 12pm

This isn’t your typical better or best list! These are great things we thought were worth doing, tasting, and seeing in exotic locations throughout Africa and the Caribbean.

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Season 1
  • Season 1 | Episode 1 
    We head to 10 of Jamaica’s top spots in this one hour show—restaurants, hotels and natural wonders—to get a feel for this lush, historic and beautiful Caribbean Island from those in the know.
  • Season 1 | Episode 2 
    South Africa
    This isn’t just any better or best list! These are some TOP spots to hit in South Africa from an insider’s point of view. We talk to locals and visitors to get an idea of the essentials to truly experience South Africa—you don’t just want to see it, you want to feel it. And while exploring these stunning spots, we also give viewers a brief history and some fun facts about the country’s history and inhabitants.
  • Season 1 | Episode 3 
    We head to many of Ghana’s top spots in this one hour show - restaurants, hotels and natural wonders - to get a feel for this diverse, lush and beautiful African nation from those in the know.
  • Season 1 | Episode 4 
    Get a feel for the ultimate ten out of ten experience as we take you through the most exhilarating places to visit and things to do in Zambia, Top 10 countdown style.
  • Season 1 | Episode 5 
    Uganda Getaways
    Ten of Uganda’s most breathtaking, pristine and sometimes adrenaline pumping retreats are explored in this countdown show that’s sure to surprise, excite and arouse the senses.