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The Magic Cellar

Two sisters learn the village Chief needs help. One sister takes a short cut, the other takes the proper way and helps. In the end, respect and obedience carry great reward. Pula discovers the Magic Cellar and the wonders of stories read from books. 

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Season 1
  • Season 1 | Episode 1 
    Chief's Bride
    Two sisters learn the village Chief needs help. One sister takes a short cut, the other takes the proper way and helps. In the end, respect and obedience carry great reward. Pula discovers the Magic Cellar and the wonders of stories read from books.
  • Season 1 | Episode 2 
    King's Gift
    Concerns about being different leads to the tale of the Lion King who gives Eagle feathers to fly; Elephant a long nose; Rhino a sharp horn; Hyena a silly laugh; Zebra black & white stripes. And Mr. Zee’s tale teaches the gang the importance of sharing.
  • Season 1 | Episode 3 
    A Magic Ring
    When the kids argue, Mr. Zee promotes respect with a folk tale of an old woman who dislikes children warning those that play tricks on her not to return, but when she becomes ill, she asks for help. Also, the story of a King, a Queen & a magic ring.
  • Season 1 | Episode 4 
    Hare & Elephant
    Quarrels among the friends, prompt Mr. Zee’s tale of the elephant and hare who learn about friendship when hare is threatened by a jackal. And the friends learn about sharing through a tale of a child who solves a fight between the farmers and the birds.
  • Season 1 | Episode 5 
    Lion's Promise
    Pula and friends learn the importance of promises in the tale of the hunter who helps a lion when the lion agrees not to eat him. The children learn about the value in a promise. And, when the hare is caught by a hungry jackal, he finds a way to escape.
  • Season 1 | Episode 6 
    Chameleon & Monkey
    The kids’ concerns about reputations are examined in the legend of the Great Animal Spirit whose mixed message to Chameleon and Gecko causes Chameleon to be blamed for spreading rumors. And when no one owns up to a mistake, the kids learn a hard lesson.
  • Season 1 | Episode 7 
    Snake & Magic Stone
    The difficulty of sharing compels Mr. Zee to tell a fanciful tale about the Lion who refused to share his food with the Jackal. And when greed becomes a problem with the kids, Mr. Zee shares the tale of a water snake that has a magical red stone.
  • Season 1 | Episode 8 
    Magic Cattle
    Honesty prompts Mr. Zee’s tale of a herd of magic cattle that are stolen along with the twins who look after them until they use the magic to part a river and escape. And, South Africa’s most famous folk tale of the hungry ‘Devil of Table Mountain.’
  • Season 1 | Episode 9 
    Lazy Hare and Baboon
    Not doing your share prompts a tale of a lazy Hare who doesn’t help the other animals build a well. When he’s tricked into building his own, he learns its more work than helping the others. And trust is examined when Grandmother meets a hungry baboon.
  • Season 1 | Episode 10 
    Leopard Spots
    Vanity is explored in a tale of the Leopard who thinks she is very pretty until a snake challenges her to tell him how many spots she has. And the friends learn how strong love of family can be in Mr. Zee’s tale of a boy in search of his missing brothers.
  • Season 1 | Episode 11 
    Hungry Turtoise
    When one of the friends gets a new bike, Pula keeps it all to herself. Mr. Zee tells a story of a hungry Tortoise who forgets to share a special picnic with his equally hungry bird friends. And a tale teaches Pula that what we fear may not be real.
  • Season 1 | Episode 12 
    Maker of Mischief
    Playing soccer, Marcus causes mischief between the friends and in the Magic Cellar they hear the tale of the Hare who tries to break up a friendship between the Jackal and the Lion. Later Marcus learns that being stubborn is not a good idea among friends.
  • Season 1 | Episode 13 
    A Friend Indeed
    The kids are acting selfish until hearing Mr. Zee’s tale about the kind Tortoise and the dishonest Eagle. And, when Pula disobeys Grandma, she learns from Mr. Zee’s tale of the runaway boy kidnapped by an Elephant until rescued by his worried parents.
Season 2
  • Season 2 | Episode 1 
    Leopard's Trick
    When Marcus takes Pula’s homework causing a frantic search, Mr. Zee calms the kids with a tale about a jealous Leopard who steals a baby calf from his neighbor, the Jackal. And a missing cricket ball and tale of a stolen crown teaches Marcus a lesson.
  • Season 2 | Episode 2 
    King & Kalalu
    Pula is upset when Marcus and Josh borrow her clay animals without asking, so Mr. Zee provides perspective with a tale about an Eagle and a Jackal who betray their friend the Lion. And, the kids learn a lesson from a naughty Rabbit’s fib to the Queen.
  • Season 2 | Episode 3 
    Kimwaki & Hippo
    After spending her allowance on friends, Navitha learns wiser and more responsible choices from Mr. Zee’s tale of Kimwaki who inherited a great fortune but neglected it. And, Maddie the hippo, teaches Pula she can enjoy the water even if she can’t swim.
  • Season 2 | Episode 4 
    Thorntree & Friends
    When a misunderstanding over a party invitation upsets the kids, Mr. Zee tells them a story about forgiveness between two lush trees and a young Springbuck. The tree that doesn’t forgive turns into a Thorn Tree. The kids also learn about sacrifice from the story of a poor man who becomes King.
  • Season 2 | Episode 5 
    Do It My Way
    Josh is bullied at school and Mr Zee teaches the kids to handle a bully with teachers and parents as Meerkat learns the hard way after being bullied by the Elephant and the Hippo. And Lolo the Leopard shows the kids there’s more than one way to have fun.
  • Season 2 | Episode 6 
    Choosing a Leader
    The kids made a special school project, but who will present it to the class? Mr. Zee’s story about how the Animals chose a Leader reveals it’s wiser to make a choice on values rather than chance. And a Princess story is a lesson about broken promises.
  • Season 2 | Episode 7 
    Elephant Beans
    Pula and Marcus bake a cake for the others and learn a lesson from Zuzu the Zebra, Bonobo the Chimp and an ill-fated fig tree when they fight over an extra slice. And a case over missing marbles ends much like the tale of the Elephant’s stolen beans.
  • Season 2 | Episode 8 
    Jabu and the Lion
    Pula tricks her friends into doing her work for a school play and Mr. Zee’s tale of “Jabu and the Lion” shows her breaking a promise makes it hard for people to believe you in the future. And a rumor teaches the kids and a Hippo about what to believe.
  • Season 2 | Episode 9 
    Baboon Trial
    Marcus and Navitha argue over building either a clubhouse or a fort, and like the tale of Ostrich and the Jackal who can’t decide how to share some new treats, everyone learns about compromise. And the kids and a Meerkat learn that everyone has talent.
  • Season 2 | Episode 10 
    Handprints & Praise
    Marcus has a bad day and hurts Josh’s feelings, but lessons are learned in Mr. Zee’s tale about Moji a spotted Genet whose friendly mocking gets her in trouble with her friends. And after feeling invincible, Pula learns that no one likes a braggart.
  • Season 2 | Episode 11 
    Magic Tree
    Pula wishes school would disappear, but lessons are learned from Mr. Zee’s tale about Jackal and Rabbit, who wished ‘Bush Camp’ would disappear, and it did along with all their friends. And a mean trick about a Magic Tree reveals lessons in kindness.
  • Season 2 | Episode 12 
    No "i" in Team
    When Melissa doesn’t make the soccer team, she’s inspired by a tale of two talented sisters. When one sister’s music brings the rain, everyone learns to honor the talents we have rather than pine for those we don’t. The kids learn there is no “I” in Team.
  • Season 2 | Episode 13 
    Face the Fear
    Melissa has a fear of vaccinations, but Mr. Zee’s tale of Vulture’s fear of heights explains that courage is not the lack of fear but the control of fear. And the kids along with Giraffe, Elephant and Vulture learn to support each other when feeling sick.