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Shuga, featuring award-winning actress Lupita Nyong'o, is the story of fun-loving, hard working, dream-chasing, heartbreaking and well-meaning youth living in the modern world of Nairobi, Kenya. 


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Season 1
  • Season 1 | Episode 1 
    High Life, Fast Boys, Hard to Get
    Ayira, played by 2014 Academy Award-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o, has hopes of the high life and catches the eye of an older man. Meanwhile, the Fast boys flex their masculinity, and Virginia plays hard to get.
  • Season 1 | Episode 2 
    Getting Caught and Risking It All
    The Fast boys get caught slipping, while Ayira thinks she is playing Felix -- but is she the one in control? Can she keep up with Felix and sustain her relationship with Ty or will she risk losing it all? We find out the reason behind Virginia’s erratic behavior; she’s been hiding something from Leo.
  • Season 1 | Episode 3 
    Free Falling
    Everything comes to a head in the final episode of Season 1. Ayira risks losing it all as her actions catch up with her. And Skola is free-falling to his lowest point.
  • Season 1 | Episode 4 
    Behind the Scenes
    Go behind the scenes and meet the cast and crew, who share their journey through the creation of the hit series Shuga.
Season 2
  • Season 2 | Episode 1 
    Disastrous Advances
    Sixteen-year-old Baby lives in the same apartment block as the older and more glamorous Violet, who provides a happy escape from her mother's scolding and the uncomfortable advances of her stepfather's brother, Uncle Joe. While Baby is desperate to have her father back in her life, Violet seeks her own father's support and approval. They both make disastrous advances in their quests.
  • Season 2 | Episode 2 
    Impossible Situations
    Baby goes on a reckless journey into the nightclubs of Nairobi on a quest to find her celebrity father. Instead she finds herself thrust into the abusive arms of her Uncle Joe. Meanwhile, Violet has to face the consequences of her own impulsive actions. Suffering the rejection of her own father, Violet challenges Baby's father to intervene and saves Baby from an impossible situation.
  • Season 2 | Episode 3 
    The Only One
    Dalla and Leo are the hottest and most "in love" couple on campus. While hosting his morning radio show, Leo interviews Nairobi's biggest new singing sensation, Miss B'have. There is an immediate spark between them, and, encouraged by his adventurous friend Femi, Leo strays away from his committed relationship for the first time. Finding himself in love with both girls, Leo struggles with Miss B'have’s demand to be the only one.
  • Season 2 | Episode 4 
    Leo, intent on ending his relationship with Dalla, has forgotten that it is their anniversary. Dalla, meanwhile, has organized the sweetest celebration. Unable to hurt Dalla, Leo decides to keep both relationships going. Briefly, he enjoys the pleasure of both, but Dalla begins to feel neglected. After Leo stands her up on her birthday, she is vulnerable to the attentions of loose-living Femi, with disastrous consequences for all of them.
  • Season 2 | Episode 5 
    Past Catches Up
    Kipepeo, a young singer from a rural seaside village, wins a talent contest and uses the prize money to try to make it in Nairobi. After a disastrous audition, she finds herself adrift on the big city streets. Unable to face returning home, she goes in search of Angelo, an aspiring musician who had passed through her village two years before. Their partnership begins wonderfully, but Angelo's thug-life past catches up with him and things begin to fall apart.
  • Season 2 | Episode 6 
    Happy Ending?
    Angelo gives up on his dream of being a musician and uses his savings to set himself up as a street trader. Kipepeo decides to use her charms and her body to find a way to get herself and Angelo back on track with their musical aspirations. When Angelo realizes what she is doing on their behalf, he confesses his love for her. But is it too late for a happy ending?
Season 3
  • Season 3 | Episode 1 
    Home Coming
    When Femi returns from Nairobi to Lagos to help his old friend Ekene put on a big music event, a long-standing secret upsets their friendship and jeopardizes Ekene’s relationship with his girlfriend, Foye. After a dispute, Ekene seeks solace in his ex-girlfriend (and Foye’s best friend), Sophie. Meanwhile, Sophie’s carefree life is interrupted by the unexpected arrival of her younger sister, Princess, who refuses to leave.
  • Season 3 | Episode 2 
    Shine Eye
    Sophie’s daytime liaison with her older lover, Solomon, soon takes a turn for the worse after she discovers that he is HIV positive. After confronting Solomon, Sophie goes to tell her ex-boyfriend, Ekene, that he and his current girlfriend, Foye, need to get tested. We also meet a young married couple, Malaika and Nii, whose differing views about their relationship soon turn to conflict.
  • Season 3 | Episode 3 
    Testing, Testing
    High-school student Weki gets good news that impresses his mother, Sade, but this news doesn’t soften her strict attitude towards him. Meanwhile, Sophie and Ekene go to get tested for HIV and soon realize they need to tell Foye, whom they have also put at risk. However, Ekene is reluctant to reveal his recent infidelity. Will he do the right thing? Back at home, Malaika is beaten up by her husband, Nii, for embarrassing him in front of his boss.
  • Season 3 | Episode 4 
    Foye is upset and angry that Ekene and Sophie’s betrayal means that she has to get tested for HIV, and seeks solace in Femi. Little does she know that he, too, has a secret…
  • Season 3 | Episode 5 
    Tobi and Princess are joyful in their newfound love, while Malaika and Nii’s marriage lurches deeper into crisis. Weki and Sade’s relationship deteriorates, and Femi and Foye try to sort through their difficulties. Malaika takes drastic measures in an attempt to terminate her unexpected pregnancy.
  • Season 3 | Episode 6 
    Rising Hope
    After collapsing, Malaika wakes in hospital, shocked to find out that she is still pregnant. And while Weki begins to realize his dreams, Tobi and Princess’s newfound love is severely challenged.
  • Season 3 | Episode 7 
    Three Month Window
    Sophie and Ekene go for their three-month HIV test; and Tobi tries to patch things up with Princess, but she is arguing with Sophie and preoccupied with Solomon, the older man who was previously pursuing her sister, Sophie.
  • Season 3 | Episode 8 
    Princess finally realizes who Solomon really is—with disastrous consequences for all. The struggle between Malaika and Nii finally comes to a head as Malaika discovers her inner strength and finally stands up for herself.
Season 4
  • Season 4 | Episode 1 
    Badoo is in full swing and Sophie has turned her life around and dating good-guy Leo. Meanwhile, Princess is heavily pregnant and has met mentor Eniola, herself HIV+ who helping her every step of the way. Weki is the envy of all the boys going out with Leila, the hottest girl in the school and Femi has won Sheila’s heart, but the road of true love never runs smooth.
  • Season 4 | Episode 2 
    Schoolgirl Mary
    As Princess and Sophie fail to see eye to eye, Sheila learns that her family may not be as understanding as she thought, rocking her relationship with Femi. Leila is becoming suspicious of Weki’s devious behaviour. Schoolgirl Mary bumps into businessman Nii at the mall and he tells her of her abundant potential.
  • Season 4 | Episode 3 
    Talent Show
    Mary parents step in, as the motive of her relationship with Nii is questioned. Bongi enters the talent show at Badoo and her friends rally round to cheer her on. Princess makes a dramatic choice regarding her baby, meanwhile Femi and Sheila take a courageous step to take back control of their situation.
  • Season 4 | Episode 4 
    Mary is falling for business man Nii’s showering of gifts, but are his intentions honorable? Sophie learns of Princess’s latest move and goes ballistic. Leo is starting to find it hard to stick to Sophie’s rules and Leila decides find out what Weki has been hiding for once and for all.
  • Season 4 | Episode 5 
    Weki's Secret
    Leila is devastated by her discovery of Weki’s secret. Weki tries to win her back, but it doesn’t look good. Princess and Eniola head to Badoo whilst Sophie and Leo decide to sneak off early. Leo loses control leaving Sophie traumatized just as Princess has a major shock of her own back in the club. Mary’s relationship with Nii takes a sinister turn.
  • Season 4 | Episode 6 
    Sophie’s world is rocked by Leo’s breaking of trust and doesn’t even know that Princess has gone into labour. Leila comes to a decision that makes Weki the happiest man on the planet. Mary gets in too deep with Nii, but when he goes too far, her mother comes to the rescue and Nii finally gets his comeuppance.
Season 5
  • Season 5 | Episode 1 
    Welcome Home!
    Bongi reluctantly returns to Johannesburg from Lagos to live with her aunt. At the airport she spots Nigerian Femi who is about to start work at Club Surge. Her old school mate Reggie arrives to take her on a tour of Zenzele.
  • Season 5 | Episode 2 
    Sex Pest
    Bongi dreads the first day of school. Her only solace is that Reggie attends the same school. Zamo, desperate not to miss the Fresher’s Turn-Up, tries to find a baby sitter for son Spoonkie.
  • Season 5 | Episode 3 
    Free Falling
    Near the end of the "Fresher’s Turn Up" Reggie sees Diliza, openly gay, dancing. Reggie is drawn to Diliza. Confused by this he leaves and finds a wall to paint. Bongi and Coalstove get along famously.
  • Season 5 | Episode 4 
    Love Hurts
    Sheila offers to visit but Femi declines. Mr Vilakazi encourages Ipeleng to enter the science expo. Nomalanga talks with Bongi and Coalstove about sex and contraceptives. Khensani’s pregnancy test is positive. Reggie confides in Bongi about Diliza.
  • Season 5 | Episode 5 
    Daddy's Home
    Tsholo’s ecstatic her father is home. She avoids Sol, which only makes him more obsessive. Bongi shares with Coalstove a song she’s been working on. Femi welcomes Leo to town. Reggie tries to have sex with Zamo but can’t go through with it.
  • Season 5 | Episode 6 
    Femi is impressed by Bongi’s stage performance and he introduces her to a record producer. Khensani visits Masangu at his house and he demands she get rid of the pregnancy. Leo meets Zamo at the park as relationships grow close.
  • Season 5 | Episode 7 
    Reggie and Diliza spend more time together. Khensani calls an illegal abortion service. Ipeleng receives an eviction notice and Bongi is thrilled that Ricky Rick wants to shoot a music video of her song.
  • Season 5 | Episode 8 
    Head in the Sand
    Coalstove encourages Bongi to make up with her Aunt, while Sol coerces Tsholo into making a sex tape. Bongi suspects Coalstove’s ex-girlfriend may not have been faithful, so Zamo and Reggie encourage Bongi to test for HIV.
  • Season 5 | Episode 9 
    Sol refuses to get rid of the sex tape, enjoying the power it wields over Tsholo. Ipeleng has to come up with the money or they will be evicted. Khensani goes through with the backstreet abortion. Bongi and Coalstove learn they are both HIV positive.
  • Season 5 | Episode 10 
    Rude Awakening
    Khensani is told her womb has been removed. Femi and Sheila visit a doctor about PReP. Bongi is depressed and blames Coalstove for her status. Tsholo discovers that Sol posted the sex tape online. Leo walks in on Zamo’s date forcing himself on her.
  • Season 5 | Episode 11 
    Name & Shame
    A memorial service is held for Tsholo. Bongi makes amends with Coalstove, taking responsibility for her HIV status. Ipeleng starts a protest at school, which is led by Khensani and Zolani. Khensani names and shames Masangu and Sol as rapists.
  • Season 5 | Episode 12 
    Home is…
    It’s the “End of School”party at Luthuli High. Ipeleng pays the bank and saves their home. Q defends Reggie when the soccer team teases him so Ipeleng gives Q another chance. Reggie comes out and Bongi tells Coalstove that Zenzele is now her home.
  • Season 5 | Episode 13 
    Shuga: Behind the Lens part 1
    Discover the real life drama that takes place in Shuga with behind-the-scenes interviews with the cast, as well as interviews with the men and women that experienced these situations first hand.
  • Season 5 | Episode 14 
    Behind the Lens Part 2
    The "Behind the Lens" look continues as we discover the real life drama that takes place in Shuga, with behind-the-scenes interviews with the cast, as well as interviews with the men and women that experienced these situations first hand.
Season 6
  • Season 6 | Episode 1 
    Shuga returns to Nigeria with a host of new characters and the hustle and bustle of Lagos. Meet the cast and get a sneak peek behind the scenes of this all new season.
  • Season 6 | Episode 2 
    New Pressures
    Leila struggles with her feelings for Tobi and her disdain for Faa. Tobi pressures Faa. Diana remains Molade's Queen Bee. Yasmin ends up in the Principal’s office. Hadiza has something to hide.
  • Season 6 | Episode 3 
    Power Struggle
    Hadiza is at the center of Diana's frustrations when she dares to challenge her. Faa is concerned when her neighbor takes an interest in Tare. Leila struggles for power in her relationship with Tobi.
  • Season 6 | Episode 4 
    Taking Chances
    Yasmin removes her implant. Tobi and Leila discuss using other methods of contraception now that they're in a relationship. Princess is not yet ready to reveal her status.
  • Season 6 | Episode 5 
    The Talk
    Faa has the talk with her younger sister, Tare. Leila meets up with Weki and they discuss old times. Hadiza is encouraged to try out for the debate team. Princess has a night out while Yasmin looks after her baby.
  • Season 6 | Episode 6 
    Bitter Sweet
    Jamal and Princess's friendship grows stronger, but things turn sour. Ebisinde reveals his feelings to Diana and she invites him to a party. Faa is elated by her impending record deal, but soon faces pressure once again.
  • Season 6 | Episode 7 
    Secrets & Lies
    Farida lies to her husband about the whereabouts of their daughter. Yasmin discusses family planning. Leila's lies catch up with her. Ebisinde, Wasiu and Shina continue to steal. Hadiza confides in Yasmin.
  • Season 6 | Episode 8 
    Cynthia, Diana and Frances cause a scene at school. Hadiza prepres for the school debate. Leila impresses Tobi with her strong attitude. Faa's performance is a huge success but she is left trapped in a room with Bada.
  • Season 6 | Episode 9 
    Khalil finds Faa and takes her to hospital. Yasmin and Cynthia encourage Frances. Leila is worried and calls Tobi but it ends in a heated argument. Fatima goes to the clinic. Hadiza's husband and father confront her.
  • Season 6 | Episode 10 
    Yasmin and Mahmud are caught in the middle of Fatima’s drama. Bada is arrested, while Tobi is pulled in as an eyewitness. Hadiza threatens to divorce her husband. Tobi is guilt ridden for not telling the police the full truth
  • Season 6 | Episode 11 
    New Beginnings
    Hadiza prepares to begin life as a full-time student in Lagos. Faa speaks on a radio show. Leila informs Tobi she's leaving Lagos and headed for Kano. The school showcase finally arrives and provides Frances an opportunity.
  • Season 6 | Episode 12 
    Special Scenes
    A look at some special scenes from Shuga Naija.