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Movie House

This weekly series puts a spotlight on the best films African Cinema has to offer by screening a variety of top quality movies from Africa and the Diaspora.

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  • Hopeville
    On a mission to forge a relationship with his estranged son in a community where apathy and fear are the order of the day, Amos' selfless acts ripple through Hopeville, transforming the town and its inhabitants forever.

  • Out of Luck
    Out of Luck’ follows the adventures of a young lottery operator whose life turns upside down when a local gangster insists that he pays out on a lottery he did not win.

  • When Love Happens
    A 28 year old event planner feels the clock ticking on her chances of getting married. With a friend getting engaged and being tasked to handle the wedding, she starts online dating and a VLog of her journey. After many dates, she may finally have a real chance at love.

  • Lunchtime Heroes
    A group of students and an unwanted teacher must band together for the same goal of acceptance and ultimately lead to a triumph that surpasses their initial objectives.

  • Flower Girl
    Kemi (DAMILOLA ADEGBITE) is dying to get married. Umar (CHRIS ATTOH) is dying to get ahead in his career. When their relationship hits troubled waters, Kemi seeks the help of movie superstar Tunde (CHUKS CHUKWUJEKWU) and they hatch a plan to get Kemi what she wants – but the plan doesn’t quite work out as they anticipate and soon they realise why people say love is a funny thing.

  • Rain
    When her grandmother dies, teenager Rain travels from her tiny island hometown to Nassau to find the mother she’s never known. What she discovers leads her down a path of reconciliation and hope in the form of her high school running coach. (CCH Pounder, Renel Brown).

  • Beyond Blood
    In a bid to escape an arranged marriage, a woman flees Nigeria for the U.S. to find her brother, the black sheep of the family. Instead, she meets a 'friend' who offers to help but what ensues may be more troubling than marriage to a man she doesn’t love.

  • Phone Swap
    After accidentally swapping mobile phones at a busy airport, Mary, a warmhearted fashion designer and Akin, a bossy business executive wind up in a business trip mix up. Unable to reach their destinations on time, they decide to help carryout each other's assignments with complications at every turn.

  • Yellow card
    Tiyane is a high school junior and a rising soccer star whose future looks promising until he fools around with a girl he finds attractive and is suddenly faced with unplanned responsibilities. Released 2000.

  • Love or Something Like That
    It’s honeymoon over for a newlywed couple after an old flame revisits and deals a life-shattering blow.

  • The Perfect Picture
    Three women discover through friendship that love is not always what it seems. Together they search for answers to their individual romantic problems in The Perfect Picture.

  • Mandela, My Dad, and Me
    Idris Elba is on a journey of self-exploration as he produces a record inspired by Mandela and by his father's recent passing. Mandela, My Dad and Me documents his struggle in producing his first album and quest to pay tribute to two inspirational men.