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Wednesday – 2pm

This Newsroom drama follows the twists and turns of print journalists working at The Bulletin. Crime reporter Benny Jacobs has taken over the editorship, wrenching the paper back to its fierce investigative roots after many years as a struggling tabloid.

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Season 4
  • Season 4 | Episode 1 
    Blink & You Miss It
    Benny admits The Bulletin killed a man. But when the story broke, he was distracted by allegations of unfair dismissal, and missed it. They all did. Jana thinks she's taken for granted, so when asked to join a New York photo agency, she's tempted to go.
  • Season 4 | Episode 2 
    Poetic Justice
    Benny and Khanya lock horns when a priest accused of pedophilia sparks debate about the burden of proof and the realistic limit of a newspaper's influence. And Tebza senses that a spate of recent murders are not isolated events.
  • Season 4 | Episode 3 
    Killer Instinct
    When the cops disagree with Benny's take on the serial killer story, he relies on his journalistic instincts when deciding whether to publish the story. Leah helps Jana cover up her illicit photographic manipulation.
  • Season 4 | Episode 4 
    Altered Images
    Khanya stumbles upon a story about a Big Tobacco company smuggling product into South Africa. Inspired by the ghosts of journalist’s past, she is determined to tackle the story, but the question soon arises: who's investigating who?
  • Season 4 | Episode 5 
    Low Profile
    Benny launches his own investigation into the serial killer murders. But he can't help himself... he really wants to know what's in the police profiles. The Sixth poetic death leads him to conclude that the killer has a special interest in The Bulletin.
  • Season 4 | Episode 6 
    For the Record
    Believing that the tobacco multinational was responsible for erasing her hard drive, Khanya is more resolved than ever to expose them. Biggy has proof that Vista is guilty and decides to lie to preserve his inside access. Jana contemplates divorce.
  • Season 4 | Episode 7 
    Truth or Dare
    The Bulletin publishes the tobacco story and blows the lid off a can of worms. Khanya finds the strength to pursue the truth, but she won't like what she finds. Benny is over a barrel regarding Leah's contract and is too embarrassed to tell anyone.
  • Season 4 | Episode 8 
    Thicker Than Water
    Discovering her Uncle is the “inside man” in the tobacco story, Khanya feels utterly betrayed. She needs to expose him, but she can’t do that to her mother. Benny tries to lure a response from the killer by publishing a deliberately incorrect profile.
  • Season 4 | Episode 9 
    Spanner in the Works
    Biggy has betrayed Vista and now must go through with publishing the expose. When he calls the athlete to let him know what to expect, he learns that Vista is in the hospital. Leah gives Benny reason to seriously consider her offer of a buy-out.
  • Season 4 | Episode 10 
    The Reader
    Benny gets feedback from his false profile. The killer takes the bait and submits an angry justification via the website. Benny is convinced they are now one step closer to discovering his identity but can’t figure out how to achieve it.
  • Season 4 | Episode 11 
    Minority Report
    C.J. is feeling excluded from the New South African project. His whiteness is weighing heavily upon him, and he is in dire need to feel like he belongs. Biggie offers to help him learn to be himself. Tebza and Leah finally submit to their mutual desires.
  • Season 4 | Episode 12 
    End of the Road
    Benny discovers his birth certificate and learns that for the first three years of his life his name was Abduragman, and he was a Muslim. The realization that he has a family and is not alone in the world, provokes reconciliation with Jana.
  • Season 4 | Episode 13 
    Catch Me a Killer
    Getting their hands on Benny’s mock serial killer message, the cops now regard him as a suspect. Time is running out and Benny must rely on his own journalistic skills to track the killer down before he strikes again.