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Shop Made in Africa

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January 26, 2015

Consumer demand for African fashion brands is growing tremendously; and with the digital platform informing consumer’s of the latest brands, further broadening the African fashion market, shopping Africa has become easily accessible.

Consider shopping ‘Made in Africa’ products. Here is a list of some ‘must-know’ creative, daring and savvy ‘African made’ –clothing and accessory – brands, made by Africans.

Bantu Wax: Made in Africa
“Bantu is real beachwear from the real Africa”. Bantu uses traditional processes and works exclusively with local vendors and artisans in Africa to make quality products that are functional and authentic for surfers, urban nomads and afro-punks.

und kǝn: Made in Ethiopia
und kǝn is founded by a singer/songwriter/music producer, Kenny Allen. His latest venture, und kǝn is a colorful representation of his take on the continent. und kǝn offers locally sourced handmade bags, uniting the rich colors of Africa.

Kahindo Mateene has emerged as a groundbreaking design talent. The Modahnik collection of clutch handbags with vibrant African-influenced prints intermixed with modern styles is 100% manufactured in the DRC, and assembled using Modahnik’s repurposed scrap fabrics by Congolese women.


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