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Shock, Grief, and Rage in Addis Ababa

Addis Fortune   in 
April 28, 2015

The news of the brutal murder of 30 Ethiopians (possibly including Eritreans) by militants of Islamic State (IS) on the shores of Libya has sent an utter shockwave in Addis Abeba as elsewhere in the country, beginning with the release of a footage of the horrific scene on Sunday.
Two of the victims, Iyasu Yekunuamlak, 35, and Balcha Belete, 35, were identified as residents of the Cherkos neighbourhood, Kirkos District, Wereda 10, off Sierra Leone Street (DebreZeit Road). Family members of the two young men who had left home two months ago on a journey to Europe, trekking the rather dangerous route of Sudan-Chad-Libya, were grieving on Monday and today, while their friends and thousands of others in the District demonstrated their rage against the perpetrators as well as a government whose response to the national tragedy they see as passive.
While trying to show their rage before officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on Menelik II Avenue, members of city police cordoned their way near the headquarters of the UNECA, creating a human chain. Demonstrators have returned to the homes of the victims.
Ethiopia’s Parliament has denounced the atrocious act during its session on Tuesday, April 21, 2015, and declared a three-day period of national mourning, beginning on Wednesday.


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