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Say Cheese? 10 Tips for Better Photos

African Geographic   in 
January 9, 2015

“Taking photographs of people is one of the most challenging photographic fields: people are often wary of having their image taken, they are inherently unpredictable and it’s difficult to control the light and situations that you find them in. Some photographers spend days getting to know the people they photograph, others shoot quickly and move on. Each method can produce wonderful results capturing not only the subject’s personality but also that of the photographer. – See more at:

The thing that I love about this field of photography is that by involving myself with the people I photograph I learn more about them and their country.

There are technical aspects that are good to know, but much of it is up to your own imagination so I have broken this up into ‘technical’ and ‘creative’ tips. Ultimately the more you photograph people the more your images will improve and the sooner you will realise what works best for you.


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